pick one, i guess.



henlo, i'm marc.

a.k.a. aokasei

18+ | virgo | insomniac college student
any pronouns | infj-t | eng/fil

i write in wattpad as a stress reliever.
mostly about haikyuu.

short prompts and socmed aus in twitter moments.

genshin asia server? dm me.

you can interact with me anywhere on my socials, i don't bite.

yays & nays.


anime, manga, genshin impact
music, dark chocolate, coffee, sweets
writing, reading, gaming


lizards, cotton candy, summer heat
feelings jk.


if you fit the basic dni criteria.

dds. marcos apologists. homophobes. talkshit. rude. close-minded. enabler.

if you only expect for a follow back.

below 15 y/o.

anime i'm stuck with.

haikyuu!!, knb, free!, one outs,
jjk, hxh, bsd, mob psycho,
given, banana fish, yuri on ice, sk8
demon slayer, moriarty, devilman,
violet evergarden, dr. stone,
& more

top ships.

bokuaka, kuroken, iwaoi, sakuatsu, osasuna, kagehina + rare pairs

itafushi, satogeto, levihan, aruani

zhongchi, xiaother

manga & manhwa i recom.

jjk, solo leveling, tomb raider king
beware of the villainess, tower of god
potn, bj alex, fools, heesu in class 2
10 years i love you the most, 19 days love is an illusion, too close,
& more

fave bands.

suju, exo, nct, day6, shinee, bts, skz, seventeen, got7

rv, gfriend, gg, twice, loona, mamamoo, bp, everglow, itzy

twenty one pilots, arctic monkeys, cigarettes after sex, tnbh, wallows, sleeping atlas, the 1975, coldplay, lany

ben&ben, munimuni, iv of spades, december avenue, parokya ni edgar, eraserheads, sponge cola